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Tilkal Toolkit - Tackling the EU Deforestation-free Regulation (EUDR) 

The EU’s new Deforestation Regulation mandates companies involved in the trade of cattle, cocoa, coffee, palm oil, rubber, soya, and wood, along with products derived from these commodities, to undertake extensive diligence across the value chain.


Companies must be vigilant because the scope of EUDR concerns not only imports into the EU but also intra-European productions. If your products are subject to the law, you will need to be ready to provide reports by 30, December 2024!


Tilkal's Toolkit provides a useful starting point for you to prepare and implement the necessary components for your compliance.


1 - Overview of the EUDR

2 - What's at risk for your company?

3 - Why is traceability from batches, or shipments, to plots the cornerstone of EUDR?

4 - Verifying compliance

5 - How can Tilkal help you?



A screenshot of Tilkal'sEUDR Toolkit


  •  Save time and get to the essence of the regulation with practical information.
  • Stay on top of compliance requirements.
  • Prepare and implement the necessary components for your compliance


To a large extent, regulations define a future where reliable, end-to-end traceability will be a form of «licence to operate» in most markets. While they will significantly impact businesses, they also are a tremendous differentiation opportunity to shape and promote better supply chains, for better products and eventually a better future. And this is where Tilkal can help you.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback!


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